Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas 2014 The Phone Call!

Christmas day could not have been better with a special Skype call from Elder Monson.  He called at 12:45 our time (1:45 his time).

He looked great, smiled, was happy, cute as ever and looked older and wiser.  We sat downstairs and watched him on the big screen tv which was a treat.  So fun to see him a big as life.  He said he was at the Stake Center, about 45 mins away from his apartment.  2 zones share the Stake and all the missionaries had gathered there in the Family History Center to take turns skyping with family.  I think he would have liked a little smaller audience.  Here are a few questions we asked him...

Tell us the last miracle you witnessed?
Last week when we visited the ward mission leaders brother who is not a member and testified about families.
What did you do on Christmas Eve? With your district?
We took all the rest of our #Heisthegift cards and made 150 street contacts.  We talked to everyone! It was a really good way to spend the day.
We ate 3 dinners, tamales at each home.  The first one was tolerable but after that it was hard to eat them all.  -He is NOT a big fan of the Tamales but the Guatemalans eat them on special occasions
spent time with our district, they loved the gifts (we sent from home)
What did you do today?
Got up, studied, opened my Christmas package, traveled to the Stake Center, had to pay extra bus fair because of the holiday.  We get to go to the Bishops house for dinner later and then go on divisions with the Bishop and his son tonight.
What are some inside mission jokes?
He didn't answer... :)
How are your clothes holding up?  How are your feet and shoes?
Good!  One pair of pants wripped and had to throw them away.  Dress shoes are ripped and coming apart at the seems but the others are doing fine and I'm hoping to wear them till the very end.
What was your favorite P-day?
Back in May we visited the ruins.  I loved seeing that.
How many lessons do you try to teach a week?
20 and 60 is our district goal.  20 per companionship.  We try for 150 contacts a week and 500 in our district.  Thursdays are our district meetings.  
How are your investigators progressing?
good and getting better all the time
What was the scariest thing that happened to you?
Hmm.. I'll tell you later, when I'm home.  We just got out of there.  We did just move last month and it is a lot safer and nicer where we live now.  Thanks to members who helped us move everything.
What is your apartment like?
It's in a nice gated community it's safe and clean.  We live on the second floor (top floor)
Whats a tradition Guatemalans have for Christmas?
midnight fireworks and tamales
What foods do you eat?
Lots of beans and eggs.  We found a China Wok that is really good and I made fried rice the other night!  It was so good!
Do members feed you often?
We pay a members Mother to cook lunch each day.  Its good.
Towards the end we asked him to share his testimony in Spanish.  It was an amazing moment to hear him say it so clear and strong.  He also shared parts in English and testified of what he KNOWS.  He loves the gospel is so grateful for Jesus Christ, for families and for the opportunity to be a missionary. We said a family prayer at the end.  The spirit was so strong and tangible.  That is what I'll always remember.  Tyler is doing so well.  He misses being home but wouldn't trade serving for anything. He is trying to do all he can in the last 1/4 of the mission.  He said how grateful he is for his family, for the example of a strong Dad, supportive Mom, brothers and sister who he loves and is grateful for.  We were also lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Payne there for the last 15 minutes since they will be on their mission when he comes home.

What a blessing and most special gift we received Christmas Day!

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