Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 77: 10 Points for Griffindor‏

Although it wasn't the best week in the world....
We're getting there.
Once again, Elder Chunga and I embarked in the service of God, and as far as I was was a success. Time keeps going by even faster than I had initially thought, and we're already at the midway point through the month of January. Things are getting really good here in Panorama.

I've just been on a spiritual high all week. It is such a blessing that I have received here in the mission, to be able to learn how to feel the spirit even more in my life, and to be able to detect instances when the influence of the holy ghost is present. It is an incredible gift from our Heavenly Father...I feel like I can finally be the missionary I've always wanted to be.

Although I'm not perfect...I am a lot better than I was when I started, and I guess that's what really counts!
This week we didn't find very many newbies, instead we focused on separating the wheat from the tares on the investigators that we have now (we finally have more than three). The more "desafiantes" (challeging) that we are, the better we are able to help our investigators to progress and to be baptized.
Cesar is doing well, we went to visit him on Thursday and walked 3 miles up to his house...only to find that he wasn't home, and as we walked back we found him and he invited us to walk back up to his house again!
He had read the pamphlet that we left with him and enjoyed the message, he had a lot of great questions.
He couldn't come to church this Sunday...but we're getting there.
We had our ward "Mini Mission" on Saturday, and all of the youth and ex-missionaries in the ward. It was a day-long activity and everyone went out looking for inactives, investigators and just about anyone that they could find. I went with Jorge Mac, the bishop's son (who in 3 weeks will be leaving for his mission to Brazil) to the Sister's area and knocked on some doors. We didn't find much, and ended up getting lost in "Villas Club" but supposedly, the activity was very fruitful for everyone else...
And at the end of the day on Saturday we had a baptism.
Yes, my friends, we had a baptism.

Juan Diego is his name and we started teaching him about a month ago. The sisters in San Cristobal actually found him and started the lessons and then passed us the reference. He works on the buses here in Guat and is a very nice man! The bishop baptized him at the end of the Mini Mission. It was a really great experience.
So, life is good.
And with this last week being the end of the we'll see what happens here...

But whatever happens, I'm ready for it!

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