Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 45: Not a Sob Story‏

I was carried through this week.
I'm not entirely sure exactly what happened during these past seven days but...all I really do know is that they were hard. I have felt numb and stale these past few days, my surroundings feel less-than real, and every time I blink I find myself in another place doing something different.
I can definitely say that I have been helped through this week in a way that I could never have done alone.
There have just been so many problems in Montufar II that I can’t even manage to list them all.
And nor will I do it! I’m not about to turn my series of weekly letters into a Sob-Story-Soap-Opera! Because if I do so, nobody will want to keep reading…and that would be pretty dumb.
So let’s do a play by play: What did I do this week? *Takes out Handy-Dandy Agenda*
Saturday: Last P-Day was pretty weaksauce. We went to Tikal Futura (the ginormous mall I went to during week 10) and ate China Wok. There wasn’t very much to do there so we just went home and slept for two hours. We went to the appointment that we had with the Franco Family…but they told us that they were busy and we couldn’t visit them!  And that they wouldn’t be going to church tomorrow. Something happened there…we just need to find out what it was…
Sunday: Church was great; Floridalma came to Church for the 3rd time! She’s been keeping up with all her commitments and has been progressing really well! She said that she loved the church and that all the relief society sisters were so nice to her!
Now that she’s been to church three times she can be baptized!
…we just have to figure out the day to do it!
After church the Justice family invited us to eat lunch at their house. They live on the tenth floor, two-story penthouse apartment building in Zone 13. Even though they’re Americans, they’ve lived in Central America pretty much all their life. Brother Justice is the stake patriarch and owns an English school here in Guatemala. Sister Justice cooks so well, so we enjoyed an incredible meal of fluffy mashed red potatoes, thin, steamy rods of cheesed asparagus with corn on the cob and freshly baked biscuits.
Heck, they even slain an entire chicken for the feast.
It was an incredible meal.
Monday: The week started again! We had a lesson with Baltazar on the Temple Grounds (because we live so close). But for some reason, he’s just not the same. Over these past few weeks, he has sort of lost the fire that he once had for the gospel. And it’s been really sad to see him fall into some temptations. We were thinking that this lesson on the temple grounds would be a turning point for him…but it wasn’t.
He no longer wishes to be baptized, or to continue listening to us.
It was hard to let him go…and I hope he finds his way to the Church again.
Tuesday: We enjoyed the final Zone Conference of President Stay today! The experience was unforgettable, there was good company, good food and an fantastic string of spiritual thoughts by President Stay and his wife.
I am just blown away by how great they are!
They talked about how the Lord calls the weak and the simple people to preach his gospel. It’s his way of working! God is all-powerful, he could have sent anyone to go and preach his gospel, he could call Ammon or Peter or any of his old disciples to do this work again…and he has called us!
He has called you too!

It was an incredible meeting. (And I saw Elder Huntsman, Hermana Brown and Elder DeCarvalho again, so it was awesome!).
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: There were a lot of problems in the offices and I spent a good 4 hours calling Salt Lake City trying to figure things out. And to top it all off there was nothing to do in my area.
It was not fun.
So I won’t focus on that Series of Unfortunate Events.
I hope you had an awesome week!
-Elder Monson     

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