Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 49: Elder Monson Walks into a Bank...‏

Well my friends, I had a fantastic week.
A lot of good things are happening here in Montufar, new investigators, progressing investigators and an incredibly smooth run on the Change Meeting this last week. I finally feel like I'm getting in the hang of things as a Financial Secretary (even though my math is still rubbish).
So what's new?
On Sunday the Francos, went to church! Walter AND his wife, Ingrid were both able to make it to the meetings! And the members in our ward were just all over them, ready to fellowship, to hold their baby, and answer all their questions.
You know, that's probably the biggest lesson that I've learned during the course of my mission: It's not really as much about being a better missionary (well, it is but..), its really about being a better member of my own church! Now I know what things I need to do to to improve in that aspect!
Elder Gil and I have been working really hard, and now we're are starting to see some fruits! We were able to finish off the week satisfied with the work we had done.
Monday was my birthday, and an incredibly eventful day at that. We had to prepare ourselves for the Change Meeting, so we were cooped up in the offices until around 8 o'clock at night. It was a really long day, but what made it awesome was that at the end of the day, Sister Gonzales invited the four of us to her house for a Good Bye Elder Mendez/Happy Birthday Elder Monson, where we ate Cake and KFC. It was an awesome day! And It was also great because Sister Stay and Sister Trapnell (the President's wife and the Mission Nurse) made brownies for my birthday! And we gave President and Sister Stay matching office jerseys (Everyone in the offices had one too!). It was just overall a great day.

Tuesday was the Transfer Meeting, and things went really smoothly. My good friend Elder Mendez had transfers to Milagro, so that was kind of sad to see him go. And now, we have Elder Walton and Elder Rosales as companions! Elder Rosales is a great guy from El Salvador, I met him during my time in Jutiapa, so I was glad to see him again. It was another good and surprisingly uneventful day!

And when you're handling money, uneventful is exactly how you want your days to go.
The rest of the week just sort of followed suit: Normal, but good! All the "Dead" missionaries stayed over on Tuesday and Wednesday night as they visited their past areas and told stories of all the things that they had seen and done during their missions. I learned a lot from all 12 of them, each had his own different personality, but all of them were great missionaries nonetheless. On Thursday morning at 4 o'clock they all got in their taxis and got going to the airport.
The down side was they left our house a mess. Elder Gil and I spent our Thursday morning cleaning up Pizza Boxes and Sprite Cans.
But that was okay.
On Thursday we found a new investigator, Manuela. She's the Fiancé of a member, and she is very open to listening to us. Elder Gil and Elder Delgado had taught her a few times the week before I arrived in the area, but then she went to live with her family for a few months...but now she came back! We taught her twice this week, recapping the Restoration, and challenged her to be baptized. And she accepted! I think we're going to see some awesome progress there!
And that brings us to yesterday, where we spent the whole day driving to banks all around the Capital and paying the rent for various houses in the mission. It was an adventure, that took from 2 o'clock until 7...I had a lot of fun though, so I can't complain.
Which didn't leave us with very much time to do much else.
But that was okay because I was able to taste the new Cheeserito from Taco Bell and it pretty much changed the way I saw Burritos.

-Elder Monson

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