Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 44: The Suite Life of Gil and Monson‏

Whaddyaknow. I made it another 7 days. For some reason it feels like it´s been significantly shorter than that but...
Here we are.
Time just keeps racing forward, I feel like a tablecloth has just been pulled out from under my table-top feet and although no dishes fell or broke they're still trying to catch their footing.
If that makes any sense at all.
My inherent gift for metaphors is escaping me, how sad.
Life keeps moving onward, and in order to see what happens next all we have to do is continue existing just a little bit longer. Sure time goes by really fast…but when you think about it, the minutes, hours and days are just the same as they’ve always been, it’s just that we are filling them with more things to do than we used to.
Food for thought.
Anyways…my week: how was it?
Definitely, very interesting to say the least:
After I finished writing my general epistle we walked around Zone 10: the shopping district and went to the local mall, Oakland: a sea of commercialism. As it was a Saturday, there were many people there, buying food or Legos (there’s a whole store of ‘em here!). We went to China Wok and a Recent Convert saw us! He was working at the McDonalds in the food court and said, “Elders! Why did you already buy lunch? I was going to hook you guys up!” It was pretty funny. That night we had an appointment with the Franco Family. The father works for the national Newspaper as a graphic designer, so it was really fun to talk to him.

We met them by a referral from a member, Mariellos (who is awesome! She talks to everybody she knows at school about the gospel), she’s friends with the 3rd child, Francisco, and invited him to come play Soccer in the Church one Saturday.
We talked to Francisco and he invited us to come to his house another day, when we showed up, he wasn’t there, but his parents were!
It’s been a few weeks since we had been able to teach them, so we came back again on Saturday and had an incredible lesson on how the Gospel can unify families. They seemed very interested in the principle and wanted to come to church the next day!
And they couldn´t because the wife had to work.
But for tomorrow they’ve committed to go!
Although, it was a pretty good day at church. Floridalma came again and stayed for the whole 3 hour block. She said that she loved it! She is so cool, she’s been reading the book of Mormon on her own and finding answers to her questions.
…although for some reason, she’s still now sure if it’s true or not.
But it was a great church service!
We had another appointment with the Franco Family and our Ward Mission Leader, Hermano Factor. It was an incredible experience! The spirit was so strong, I started crying.
We invited them to be baptized on June 14th and they accepted!
The church is true.
The days that followed went pretty well, we taught a new investigator who lives in a Hotel! His name’s Tony, and his brother is serving a mission. The whole lesson made me think of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney Channel. The guy lives in a hotel! That’s so Suite! (haha, pretty punny right?). Although, Tony himself is a riddle. He accepted to be baptized, if his prayers are answered and he thinks that it´s all true but…
Why didn’t he do it before?
His mom and his brother have been members forever.
And they’re active.
Why was he never baptized before.
Perhaps now is the time!
It was a good week! I am learning a lot and a lot of good things are happening in my area!

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