Sunday, June 8, 2014

Week 46: Just Me, Chilling with the Lamanites‏

As just about everyone prepares for the great battle that will be the 2014 World Cup, the missionaries of the Guatemala City South Mission are preparing even harder for the great battle that will be resisting the temptation of watching the whole fiasco.
At least...for everyone else, it will be.
President Stay, in his weekly letter said, "For some of you, the sacrifice of not watching the World Cup may be like unto the sacrifice that the Lord commanded Abraham to make in the Old Testament." I thought it was pretty funny...mainly because I feel absolutely no temptation whatsoever.
My companion however, is dying.
But the thing that really has surprised me is how incredibly popular the event seems to be in every country of the world (except, for some reason, The United States... where the excitement level is appallingly sub-par).
Although, if sacrifices bring forth the blessings of Heaven, I am definitely willing to bring the World Cup as an offering for a baptism or two here in Montufar.
Needless to say, the great drought of investigators continues in full force.
Saturday: A bumpy finish to a frankly, bad week. Elder Gil and I went back home to rest for an hour or so and then we went out to work. We stopped by the Franco Family again and had an incredible lesson. We talked about how families can be together forever and Ingrid, the wife, started crying. Walter, the husband, informed us that it had been three years to the day that one of their daughters had passed away. I was completely astounded by the way the Lord had prepared us and them for that message.
Sunday: We went to the CEO of the Church's Area Office here in Guatemala's house to eat lunch. His name's Brother Durran, and his wife gave us so much food that Elder Gil and I collapsed on the floor with stomach pains. I ate way too much and when it was time to go out to work it was a huge struggle.
But the food was really good!
Monday: Really stressful day today...I prefer not to think about it...
Tuesday: Another busy, stressful day. I actually don't remember much from it...
Wednesday: I went on divisions today! I got to go with Elder Mann, from Draper Utah! He was one of the first people I became friends with in my first Zone...and now he's my Zone Leader! He helped me out a lot in regard to my area. We talked a lot together and even though the Divisions Curse applied in this case, (all of the appointments fell through) I really enjoyed today!
Thrusday, I designed an awesome-looking logo for the South Mission, where our motto is "Baptize and Retain"  It's a CTR shield with our Missionary "Baptism logo" in the center. It turned out so well that the Assistants want to print it out onto a flag and give it to President Stay when he goes home in two weeks!
Friday: We were running around like crazy all day. Today was the Mission Council, where all the Zone Leaders, the Sister Missionary Trainers and the Assistants all meet and discuss what we can do to make the mission better.
As secretaries, we don't do much there besides order a ton of expensive food :).
I've noticed that we eat a lot here...It was great though because I saw a ton of my friends (Elder Bento, Elder Chavez and Elder Layton to name a few...). When we got out it was pouring rain, and I had to drive home. The drainage system in Guatemala is kind of garbage, so the roads
had turned into rivers, and upon accelerating the car would automatically start hydroplaning.
Apparently there's been an earthquake passing through Central America...who knew?
Which brings us to today. It was a great "Office PDay" with us, the other Secretaries and the Assistants, we went to the mall, Miraflores, and to a Museum on Mayan culture here in Guatemala. It was pretty interesting, I learned a lot. It was really interesting, because supposedly, Guatemala City was where the City of Nephi was stationed in the Book of Mormon. All the artifacts were completely fascinating, and really motivating...I'm totally ready to cry repentance to all of the remnants of the Lamanites here in central america!
I'm ready to baptize the whole world!

Woo Hoo!

-Elder Monson

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