Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 48: Don't Stop the Paaaarty‏

There's a secret to getting old: Just keep waking up every day.
The blessings don't stop, the progress doesn't stop, and, just like the Energizer Bunny, the life-experiences just keep going and going and going. Life really isn't that hard...all we have to do is keep existing until it's all over.
What makes the difference is how well we "Carpe Diem" (In case you've never seen Phineas and Ferb, Newsies or Dead Poet's Society, that means seize the day).
We press on, boats against the tide, unhindered and undeterred, determined to make our lives extraordinary, to do the best with the time that is given to us.
Live great, be great,  the windows are open and ambition be paid!
Okay...I'll get off my soap box now.
Life is just good though...even though there are problems and challenges and we feel sad or disappointed sometimes, it's just a passing thing! In the new testament, the Apostle Peter says, "For he that will love life and see good days...happy are ye." (1 Peter 3:10, 17). We must love life! And if we do, if we seek what's good, we find out that everything is worth it.
I said I was getting off my soap box...this time I really mean it.
How was my week?
It was pretty good (not like...spectacular or anything), but it didn't leave a sour taste in my mouth (woo hoo! That's progress!).
On Saturday, we went to eat lunch at the mall that I went to in Week 3 (Stuff Mart and the Rammiamptum) during my time in the MTC. It was pretty cool...nothing too exciting...I ate China Wok and a Frosty, so I was happy. That night we had another lesson with the Franco Family! They are really opening up to the gospel, especially the wife, Ingrid who is more and more excited to listen to us. Sadly enough, she wasn't able to go to church this week either (yet again, she had to work) but she sent her husband, Walter in her stead.

The next day it was a joy to see Brother Franco at church! He stayed for all three of the hours and participated in all the lessons (including Elder's Quorum, where he presented a summary based of the Joseph Fielding Smith manual on how fulfilling our priesthood duties helps us to qualify for exaltation...) He is such a blessing in my life and really gives me the courage to keep looking for more investigators like him. Walter has already been to church twice, and now all the members know who he is and have fellow shipped him brilliantly, he wants to be baptized but has informed us that he would like to wait for his wife so they can make this covenant together.
Floridalma also came to church and really enjoyed it....but I swear! That girl is like a riddle, who knows what it's going to take to get her baptized!
We'll figure it out.
On Monday, we were back in our torn-up office, sharing a computer between Elder Gil and I and trying to make do. It's always an adventure.
Tuesday was fairly normal as well, the construction workers finished laying the tile and that was definitely fantastic.
What made the day great was the fact that I recieved yet another package from my family, chocked full of things for my birthday, candy, hats, streamers and a Pikachu Shirt (#Winning). I am so stoked for this next Monday, because...that's when I turn 19....and get to eat all the candy and brownies that my Fantastic Familiy sent me...muahhahahah.

On Wednesday, we had a  "Specialized Training" done by President and Sister Stay, it was basically a "goodbye" for them. President gave his exit interview as a talk for all the missionaries present, he talked about Studies, Jobs, and Dating (it was halarious). Every Zone in the mission had prepared a gift to give at the end..:Zone Guatemala (my zone) had asked me to draw a picture of President and Sister Stay and everyone signed it. The picture turned out awesome! Once again, I surprise myself with my incredible skills,
Thursday was great because I got to go on Divisions with Elder Huntsman in Santa Fe. We talked a lot all day about the mission and how crazy it was that we have already made it so far in the mission...has it really already been 11 months? I hardly believe it!
Yesterday we started getting everything ready for the Change Meeting next week...who knows what's going to happen! Does Elder Gil go, does he stay? How is it going to be with the new Mission President? Are we going to see baptisms?
I sure hope so....
All I know is that I will be one year older (and wiser too).
Don't stop the paaaarty!

-Elder Monson

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