Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 32: Milk and Honey‏

Holy Cannoli....This was a crazy-awesome week. As the temperature slowly climbs, the excitement levels seem to skyrocket. I mean, I`m not exactly sure where to start!
First things first I guess: The Lord is blessing Jutiapa as if it were the Promised Land...even though the milk here tastes horrible and I haven´t had any honey for like...a year...(old testament joke/reference, it was funnier in my head). We have investigators! We have people getting ready for baptism! And every time we invite someone/challenge them, they accept! This week we challenged 11 people to be baptized and all of them said that they would!
I think I already said it last week but....I am absolutely in love with Jutiapa the people are super nice, the area is....hot...but big and incredible. Elder Vieira was talking to me yesterday, saying that he never ever wants to leave here for the rest of his mission.
And even though I`ve only been here for 2 weeks....I totally agree.
It`s the Promised land, I`m telling you.
In other awesome news, yesterday my branch united with the other branch in Jutiapa and we became the biggest ward in the entire stake. After 50 years of the church existing here, progress was made! Bishop Valdez was called during sacrament meeting with 200 in attendance.
That`s a lot of people.
The spirit is strong here in Jutiapa.
I am so excited to keep going this week!

Love you all! -Elder Monson

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