Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 33: Keep the Baptisimal Font Full...

Last night, I was getting ready for bed, and when I turned on the light to the bedroom, a ginormous lizard darted out of view and underneath my bed.
I didn't sleep too well...
And I don't exactly know why but, there are about a million lizards all over the place...and they're freaking me out! But that's okay...I'll survive! Because...this week, in spite of the reptillian life, was awesome. 
We had three baptisms! Sister Cruz and her two sons, Giovanni and Daniel! It was really a great blessing because we were only planning on having two, the mother and her 10 year-old son...but at the last minute (literally the VERY last), half an hour before the baptism, Giovanni was talking to the Bishop.
"And why aren't you getting baptised today?"
"I dunno, I didn't really want to before...but now I feel like I do..."
Bishop Valdez wasted no time, called the Zone Leaders to our area to do an interview for Giovanni and get white clothes for him. We started the service an hour late, but with one more person dressed in white.
Saturday was a good day.

See Elder Monson back row, biggest smile
In fact....it was just a really good week. Tuesday we had a Zone Conference with the Mission President, Wednesday we worked hard, Thursday I went on divisions with the Zone Leaders...and learned a ton...Friday was normal...Saturday we had baptisms, and Sunday my companion got his Patriarical Blessing!
And it doesn't look like things are going to slow down any time soon.
Which is good....it makes time go by faster...
Love you all, and I am so stoked to be out here in Guatemala!
-Elder Monson

My mom said I should write more....soooo.....
What else happened?
During Zone Conference President Stay talked to us about the Atonement of Chirst. It made me think very hard on what that sacrifice really was and how my mission has brought me even closer to the Lord. Jesus Christ had to humble himself to every affiliction and every pain that anyone and everyone would ever suffer so that he could truly understand what we feel. I thought about trials that we all go through, physical, mental, emotional, and how they help us to relate to other people even better.
And I am simply amazed at how infinite the Atonement really was. It was the greatest act of selflessness that has ever come to pass throughout all time and eternity. The price of our sins, required the sacrifice of a God...and part of our mortal purpose here on earth is to come to comprehend exactly how magnificent and key Jesus Christ is to the Plan of Salvation.
We also learned that we need to invite people to be baptized on the very first visit and then commit them to a date on the second. That way we can know, for sure, who are the chosen and prepared people...and who isn't.

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