Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 35: On and Off

What a handsome Elder!
How...who...where...what? How on earth did this week just end? How is it that I'm back here again? I swear, time just...flies...
And so, the weekly report: what.happened? The truth? Not much. I mean sure, every day is an adventure and everything but this week.... *checks agenda* oh yeaaaaahhhh....
A lot DID happen, I just sort of...forgot.
First of all, I went to the Brazillian embassy last monday...but I think I already told you was fun, I heard my companion talk in Portugeese and used a Brazillian toilet!
And on tuesday, we had a pretty normal day, teaching a lot of people.
Which was good because Wednesday was a doozie. We went on divisions with the Elders in Monjas (which I discovered is actually outside of the State!) was pretty fun but...really slow. We just sort of contacted people for a good 8 hours under record-breaking heat.
I know I've said it before area is HOT, any day now the soles of my shoes are just going to melt down into the cracks on the pavement.
It was a pretty slow day on wednesday.
But thursday was a really good day, so Im not really sure what's up...and then friday followed suit as a pretty BAD day....with saturday as a good day....and sunday as...
It's an ABABAB pattern here, if you went to 5th grade you can guess correctly.
Friday was hard because I went on divisions with the Zone Leaders, stayed in my area and....everything fell through.
Every single appointment.
That's always frusterating, but it just means that the Lord is preparing people for  you to teach and talk to, and he needs you free of any more commitments.
That seems to happen a lot lately.
But it's always good to learn more patience, it makes us more humble and receptive to promptings of the spirit.
I guess you could say that this wasnt the best week ever...which is pretty accurate, but that's okay...
Because following the ABAB pattern....this next week will be awesome
-Elder Monson
8th month out!
"really another day?"
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