Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 31: Change of Scenery‏

A lot changed this week. First things first: Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? In this instance, Carmen San Diego is....Elder Monson, and the world is....Guatemala...
Anyways, Im on the border! About a 20 minute drive away from the El Salvidorian border (some Elders have pictures) in Jutiapa. It´s a really great area that Im already in love with this area, and incredibly happy for the change of scenery.
Although it is....INCREDIBLY hot. This past week I could feel myself melting on the couches as we went from lesson to lesson, its just crazy.
And the problem is that it´s only about to get worse...March and April are the hottest ¨Summer Months¨ Yaaaaayyyyy....I think im going to burn to death...
Second order of business: My companion´s name is Elder Vieira, He´s from Brazil, and he´s awesome. He´s been in the mission for two more transfers than I have and we´re getting along really well! Who knows...maybe I might pick up a little bit of Portugese!
We´ve been teaching a lot of different people this week, the most progress we´ve seen was with the Lopez Family, who have been really interested! Yesterday they came to church and loved it! Yesterday we invited them to be baptized and they accepted! But we didn´t get the chance to set a date because they had so many questions about the gospel! I guess that´s a good sign!
All I know is that I am super excited to be here in a new area, doing new things, teaching new people and working with a new companion! Yesterday I wrote in my journal that I was....Happy. Legitimately happy.
So don´t worry about me...I´ll try not to melt to death like the bad guys in Raiders of the Lost Ark. But in the meantime....I think I´ll be just fine.
Woo Hoo! Church is True!
new companion, Elder Vieira and Elder Monson

church building

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