Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 29: Psych! (untitled) ....but AWESOME!‏

Psych!  I guess I should have waited a few more hours to post that Tyler didn't write this week because at 1:00pm our time he e-mailed!  Oh how wonderful...

To describe this week in a word: SWEET!
For a number of reasons including:
1. A Baptism/Wedding
2. A Trip to the Temple
So...where do I start? Well, first of all with the Baptism: Eswin is his name, and he´s a soldier in the Guatemalan Army. he´s been living with his girlfriend (who is already a member) for....like a year....so, this last sunday we had a wedding for the two lovebirds. It was a touching experience as both of them, Jeinfer and Eswin were overjoyed to be married at last! So cute, to see them so in love! Directly after the wedding (like...5 minutes after) Eswin got dressed in white and entered the waters of baptism! The day couldn´t have been better!
I mean, in case you haven´t noticed....baptisms are some of the best moments in the mission. All the work that was put forth to get the investigator there...and they made it.
So, Sunday was a good day :)
Secondly, today, I enjoyed a fantastic trip to the temple...made even greater by the miracles that were seen to get us there safe and sound. We left this morning from San Juan at 7 and hopped on a bus down the mountain....25 minutes into the ride we came to a stop at the tail end of a long strand of cars and buses. Not too far ahead, there had been a car accident...and nobody could pass down,
We sat for a good half hour, watching the cars in front of us throw in the towel and come back up the mountain. To turn back was the last thing that those in our party wanted to do...we only have the opportunity to go to the temple every 6 months....and today was the day...
Humbled, I suggested that we should pray for a passage to be made. When I looked up, I saw that we (My companion, Elder Tamayo and Elder Chavez) were the only ones left on the bus. So, with determination we decided that we were going to the temple no matter what it took. Stepping down onto the street we began to walk our way to the other side of the capital city (and of the mission). As we started to do so we heard, ¨Ya pueden pasar!¨ ( you can go through now!) from a man further down the slope, motioning for the remaining cars to move forward.
We ran up to the bus and made our way to the temple.
If we show to God that we are willing to do all we can to reach a goal, he will make up the difference. While we didn´t walk all the way to the temple, we showed that we were willing to, and for that we recieved the blessings of the House of the Lord!
The mission is awesome like that!

I love you all and hope your week is fantastic, remember who you are and what you stand for! Aaannnnddd....as Walt Disney Says, ¨Keep Moving Forward¨

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