Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 27: Come, Listen to a Prophet´s (translator´s) Voice‏

It never ceases to blow my mind every time I hear from our living prophets. And this Wednesday’s venture into the heart of the Capital City was no different. Elder Quinten L. Cook of the Quorum of the 12 apostles had arrived to meet with a few of the Stake Presidents and other leaders of the church here in Guatemala...including the Missionaries!
And to start off the meeting, Elder Cook stood at the pulpit and announced that he wanted to shake the hand of every missionary present, a buzz of excitement shot over the crowd of over 700 missionaries. And with the translation delay, when it was announced in Spanish the exact same thing happened.
One by one, the apostle took every one of us by the hand and looked into our eyes, until all present were given the opportunity. We were then addressed by him and Elder Soares of the 70. Elder Cook talked about the 4 steps to successful missionary work:
1. Love the People
2. Love your Companion
3. Love your Mission President
4. Love your Savior, Jesus Christ
It was an incredible meeting, and after seeing many friends from over the entire course of my mission, from the MTC!
And now, being a very important milestone! This Friday I finished off the first 6 months! I did a division with my good buddy Elder Huntsman to celebrate (and to work too) As tradition dictated, we both burned a tie to commemorate the day.
6 month ritual, burning of the tie
I had already selected the specimen, a tie I bought for 5 quetzales at the Megapaca over 2 months ago. 
As for what´s on the horizion? We have a wedding coming up on the 8th and....
...that´s about it.
Everybody keeps telling me that I´m probably going to get transfers, which has infected me with a case of Cabin Fever.
That´s okay though...I’m doing pretty good...I just have the spirit of Adventure! All I want to do now, is explore somewhere!

...I guess I´ll just have to wait 3 weeks...

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