Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 24:Double Dash!

As all the Mario Karts are lined up at the starting lines, motors humming in anticipation as a Lakitu floats in front of the camera and sounds the trumptet. 3...2...1...Go! At a young age I learned that if you´re able to time it just right, holding down the ¨A¨ button as the 2 dissappears from view, you get a boost. In doing so, Luigi is sent catapulting ahead of the majority of Mario Karts.
If you time it right, you can win the race before it starts.
Happy New Year. This week started out with a bang. Making 2014 a year full of potential!
Drumroll please.....
.....BAPTISM! Woo Hoo! That´s right sports fans, the Church of Jesus Christ just got a little bit bigger in this part of the Lord´s vinyard! After a 3 month convert drought in my area we were able to help Lestor and his father Cornelio make a covenant with our Heavenly Father! Simply a fantastic way to start off the year.

Over the course of this week I´ve been learning a lot from General Conference Talks....Merry Christmas to us, we got our Liahonas a week ago (just a little bit behind everybody else). My companion and I had the idea to use a conference talk for every lesson for two days. From Elder Uchdorf´s touching ¨You can Do It Now¨ to Elder Oak´s ¨No Other Gods¨ there was a talk for everybody to learn from.
It made me really realize how prevelant the words of modern day Prophets are for all of us! A talk can feel like it was written specifically for us and we can be spiritually edified!
But we can always find that when we are working our hardest, the adversary is working just as hard to drag us down...as I was in first place he dropped a blue shell on my Mario Kart, or in other words, I got sick. Nothing too major, just the Common Cold and a sinus infection, but we were able to see some of the best blessings as I attempted to plug through it.
Now, Im alive and kicking (as my Dad´s favorite skiing-song says) ready to conquer a new week and a new transfer! (no, I´m not going anywhere, neither is Elder Beckstead, or anyone in my district) This new year is like a blank canvas in front of us, if we´ve gotten to a good start....keep going....if not, now is the time to use your Triple Mushrooms and get back in the lead....
...just watch out for Red Shells and Banana Peels.
Love you all, stay tuned!

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