Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Week 23: Bottom of the Barrel

At the end of the day (and in specifically, the end of the YEAR) steam starts running out.
Its in that moment that God throws us a bone. In fact, this entire week I´ve been able to see our heavenly Father´s hand in my life more times than I could count on my fingers.
First of all was the fact that I got to talk with my Family. Even though my mother had fallen on ice and fractured her knee cap, I had the opportunity to do a three way call with my brother in Mexico and my family! It was an incredibly enriching experience that rejuvinated my energy and recharged my batteries... know, after I stopped crying.
I really found that the best thing to do to keep from feeling Baggy (homesick) It´s the greatest secret. The only problem was that this week, being the week of Christmas, meant that nobody was in their houses. Everyone and their dog had gone off the Captial City so we did a very lot of contacting (Merry Christmas, now go knock on Doors!). But it was the little things that kept us plugging through, everyone offering us a ride so we didn´t have to walk anywhere, someone being nice and buying us 3 liters of soda, and Tamales.
Oh yes, the tamales...if I said they were my favorite food...I would be lying. In fact, I think they´ve gone all the way down to my LEAST favorite food (move over fried fish, there´s a new sheriff in town). But all the people gave us this Guatemalan Holiday treat....members, nonmembers and a random family whose door we knocked on Christmas Day. By the end we were incrediby full and retreated to the house. As the missionaries of San Juan we had a fun gift exchange on Christmas Eve and watched the fireworks go off at midnight (another BIG tradition). The week was over before I knew it.
My first Christmas in the Mission...I hear that´s a milemarker. My 6 month mark isn´t too far away either...
While all that was fine and dandy, our District Pday activity probably took the coolness cake. We got on a bus at 7 o´clock in the morning and headed off to Mixco Viejo, an anchent Mayan village! As a district we messed around for a good 2 hours and talked about how we were standing where a few Laminites probably had been.
Very, very cool.
Stuff is good, I wish you all a happy new year, even though right now you´re scraping the bottom of the barrel, look for the hand of our God in your lives!
...because, it´s there!

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