Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 25: Breaking Dawn :P

I just had to. Because, more than anything else, this week related to my
personal least-favorite paranormal romance. Although no vampires or
werewolves made a showing we did see a wedding, a love-triangle, restored
hope and a change of heart.
...cliche as it is, that´s the week in a nutshell.
This Saturday, Elder Beckstead and I played ¨Wedding Planners¨
and...planned a wedding. Top down, it was a ton of work, we had to find a
lawyer (really nice member who lives an hour away), a venue (the primary
room), a cake (chocolate and vanilla marble), place-settings, set up a time
and a date and send out the invitations....and then we picked up the family
in a Tuk Tuk (mototaxi, look it up online, I have no idea how to explain
it)...and I took a thousand great pictures of the entire event....
Only I left my camera in my suit coat at my house.
Next week I will be sure to pass the photos over to you guys, because it
was really a great event. We married the Husband and Wife and then went
straight into the baptismal font. So Amilkar and his 9 year old son Brandon
were baptized and started a new life.
Our converts from last week are integrating into the Church magnificently,
as both of them received the Preisthood yesterday. Cornelio is determined
to have the rest of his family be members of the church by the end of the
year, and Lestor is preparing to serve a mission next year.
...and it is he who is caught up in a dramatic love triangle with a member
girl. I find it hilarious, and surprisingly similair to the church movie
¨Legacy¨ where the recent convert begins to woo the already taken
It was pretty good.
What´s really happening in my area is...well, a change. Where only 6 weeks
ago, San Juan Satechepequez was dead as dead could be now...
...things are picking up. And like the stone cut without hands, it keeps
rolling. This week we have another baptism planned and two more in the week
that follows.
And I guess it´s a good sign that I´m superexausted every day, I just sort
of collapse on my hammock at around 9:30 and lose the will to move anymore.
At least, today is P-Day! The Missionary Day of Rest!
I think I´ll buy myself an Ice Cream to Celebrate...

Amilkar's baptism picture from Elder Beckstead
Just as a side note.  Tyler forgot his camera at his apartment and so the pictures of the wedding and baptism will have to come next week.

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