Friday, December 27, 2013

Week 22: Christmastime is Here!

¨Does anyone know what christmas is all about?¨ Good ol´ Charlie Brown asks in distress. His Christmas Pagent has turned into a commercial disaster and all of his friends have ridiculed his christmas tree selection. This question has haunted the Round Headed Kid all day and things have come to a all good doubts we may have, his is answered by a Scripture: What Christmas is All About! (Youtube Link)

In remembering our Savior Jesus Christ, the hearts of the Peanuts Gang were softened and they see the holiday season in a new light. The gospel has a way of doing that to people, souls can be touched and lives can be changed by the good word. And unsurprisingly, this week has been a hard-learned reward.

You´d think that people would be easier to teach during this time...but it seems that the cold weather froze a few hearts and built up a few walls...of the igloo-type. A lot of people started closing off...and Satan´s been...a real know, as always. 

One of the biggest  wake-up calls was definately the fact do I put this.
I got punched. By a drunk guy. In the street. On my back. So that was fun.

You see, we were out on divisions about an hour away from my area, contacting a woman and her family as this man stops me on the street, spitting profanities at me in most drunk people do...mainly because they had all crossed the border to the united states, lived there for a few years, gotten discovered and abruptly deported. ¨Wud´ts you name buddy...¨ he grumbles out. The man reeks of alchohol and so I promptly ignore his that even a word?

We continue attempting to contact this woman but it appears to be a lost cause with the alcholic spewing vile words at me. The next thing I know...WHAP!

I almost fell foward but was able to regain my balance.

There he is again, but his equally drunk girlfriend is gigglingly holding him back. Quickly Elder Llave and I dash behind a gated community to avoid the....assailant.

Guatemala is different that America.

Other than that this week has been pretty normal. We had an investigator, Lester commit himself to be baptized on the first day of 2014! Everything is going well and we´re working hard!

Things are doing well. I wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year! Remember our savior this time and things will go...holly jolly!

Because, that´s what christmas is all about Charlie Brown!

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