Monday, December 2, 2013

Weeks 18 and 19: Technical Difficulties

First things first: no. I did not die, get sick, kidnapped, injured or you are free to take a quick sigh of relief here. Explanations are very much deserved in this circumstance  nonetheless. Why didn´t I write last week?
The truth? Elder Alvarez and I were wandering around the richest part of the city trying to find an underground association of English Teachers for like...three hours. We had made the two hour trip down to Zone 15 that morning, as my comp had reached the end of his mission, an interview with President Stay was in order.
If I haven´t already said it before, I have like...the best, mission President and his wife in the entire world. Every time Im around them I get a little starstruck...they care! They care about the well-being of each missionary individually, and if you didn't notice, they were kind of watching out for me this last Transfer.
They`re so cool.
So in the offices of the mission I talked to other people for a while, took pictures of random things and gleefully used the nicest bathroom facility in the entire country (they really pamper the assistants). As my companion had spawned a new found desire to learn English, during his interview President Stay directed him to go to a non-profit organization nearby named ¨Fumbal.¨ Ive got to give props to this place: Its a completely free, 4 month program, run by church members and return missionaries. With the help of rigorous courses anyone can get fluent in English in lest than that time....Its just that its REALLY hard to find.
So as the sun went down on my p-day I resigned to having Internet time next Monday.
Thats why I didn´t write last week.
Me and Elder Beckstead
This week began at the Transfer meeting as I met up with my MTC district for another time! I enjoyed finding out how everyone´s missions were going up to this point and before I knew it I had said goodbye to Alvarez and received a new companion: Elder Beckstead, a Texan who´s lived all around the world...and he REALLY knows how to work.
I really, don`t think I´ve worked this hard in my entire life...and we`re starting to see the fruits of our labors...namely INVESTIGATORS! Woo Hoo! Turns out, THERE ARE people to teach here in San Juan...we just hadn´t found them. God really does prepare people for us to teach, we just need to do our part. And as we labor in the vineyard, the struggle to find joy, really isn`t too hard of a quest.
Me and Elder Huntsman
Things are improving very rapidly that's sweet.
And so how was Thanksgiving this week?
...just a little disheartening. I was on Divisions with Elder Huntsman (From my MTC district and the first person I met in the airport...he´s such a stud...AND he`s in my district!) and we kind of forgot about the holiday until after we had bought our dinners....for me a package of cereal and an orange soda, and for him two muffins and orange juice (Just a little bit healthier). And it was just sort of like...oh yeah...its thanksgiving.
Not to worry. This year I was thankful for the Gift of Tongues, because I have officially passed the point where I can understand everything everyone tells its pretty sweet!
We apologize for the delay but now we return to our regularly scheduled programming!
MTC comp Elder Long

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