Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 20: Investigators...gotta catch ém all!

Elder Tamayo and I...
After buying matching Pikachu figurines for my companion and me (5 quetzales each!, not even a dollar!) Pokemon was on the brain, and it occurs to me more and more how the Mission is akin to everyone´s favorite league of brawling pocket-monsters. Now, a demonstration:

A wild evangelical appeared! Go, Senior Comp! Senior comp used ¨Introduction¨ ...its not very effective...Evangelical used ¨Blabbermouth¨ Senior Comp is temporarially stunned! Senior Comp used ¨Testimony.¨ It´s super effective! A critical hit! Great Job Senior Comp! Go Junior Comp! Junior Comp used ¨Scheduling¨ and ¨Phamplet Offer¨ They seem really receptive! 
Evangelical: ¨Ill find out more about your church later!¨ You got 2600 xp! you recieved ¨Testimony Builder¨ and ¨Restored Confidence!¨

That´s my theory. And for this week its super applicable, because we spent a good deal of time trying to find more people to teach. On Wednesday, we traveled up to a small town called ¨Sajivilla¨ a part of my area in all my 14 weeks have never visited. Its a 6 kilometer (4 mile) walk to get there...and not including the return trip. The upside is that it´s completely gorgeous. It boggles my mind that People living in shacks have a view of the Capital City that people would pay millions for! And here they are! We stopped to take pictures and continued on our Journey to meet up with the Ward Mission Leader. he introduced us to members who live there (there´s a Sister who lives behind a corn field guarded by 6 dogs...I almost got my face eaten off!) and we did our best to ask for references.

The next day was Zone Conference, and it was a Christmas Special. Once agian President and Hermana Stay came to the Zona Florida to address us. They gave talks, we ate turkey and watched a movie (Ephram´s Rescue....if you haven´t seen it, go out and rent it or something because it was Phenonimal!) and enjoyed a day filled with Holdiay festivities! On an out-of-the-box note, I sang a duet with Elder Chavez: ¨Jesus en Pesebre¨ or ¨Away in a Manger¨ and it turned out splendidly!
As Friday approached I marveled once agian at how fast time goes by. Another week was almost already over! I went on divisions with Elder Reese, a very new missionary from Indiana! We had a grand time, contacting and racking up the ¨new investigator¨ total.

But we definately topped the record box on Sunday...Elder Beckstead and I taught 2 lessons and got 14 new investigators....I mean 14! That makes it 23 for this week! I even made it through my first Gym Battle (another Pokemon reference) this week when I was asked to give a short notice talk in Sacrament meeting, and I found how much my spanish really has progressed!
So things are going pretty good. We´re working pretty hard and I´m really learning how to love this work! We´re working pretty hard to get to know the area...because it´s bigger than I thought it was. But one thing´s for certian, the Lord´s blessing us for our labors and we´re able to see miracles every day! My comp and I are getting along swimmingly! Woo Hoo!
And I also taught a lesson this week with someone while they gutted out a was....hard on the stomach....

shopping at MegaPaca... I bought a 2006 Harry Potter calendar, two old ties and a placemat... all for 7 dollars, money well spent!

 -Elder Tyler Monson

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