Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 21: The Church of Jesus Chrst: World´s Greatest Book Club

It's always a strange awakening when I get outside and find that the weather is less-than Christmas-y. But nonetheless, people have decked the halls and my countenance has started facing more...outward. I may not have a lot of money to buy a whole lot of presents for people but I´ve seen enough Charlie Brown to know that there´s more to Christmas than just that.
The good news? We have investigators. And yesterday we were able to get 7 of them to Sacrament Meeting...and it was a very cool reunion, a Guatemalan Primary Program. The Spirit of the Lord radiated off the children´s faces as they bore their humble, yet powerful testimonies. Everyone´s hearts were touched as Parents whispered their children´s parts in their ear for them to mumble out on the microphone.
We have 4 people getting ready for baptism next week so I´m pretty excited!
It got me thinking though, Missionary work is so much like...a book club. Or just the entire church in general. Like, when you read a really great book you go and tell everyone else that they ought to read it for themselves....and here I am. Doing what I´ve done since 2nd grade, reading and reccomending.
The Book of Mormon really does change lives. We were in a lesson on Saturday Night, teaching a young couple about the Scriptures. The man expressed to us about his concerns with having another book of scripture and how the Bible should be the only word of god. We explained how The Book of Mormon is the Evidence of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it´s key to our conversion. Then he turned to me and asked, ¨That sounds like it takes a lot of Faith...but...Do you think the book is true?¨
My heart stopped. I mean, I DO know it´s true, and Im here in the mission to share it, so I mustered up my testimony and said, ¨Yes. I do know it´s true. I know it with all my heart. I prayed about it and you can too.¨
Heavenly father helps us out in finding our voices. We got to 22 lessons this week! Which, for my area is pretty huge. The lord is blessing us so abunantly and I love to be here serving him.
The chuch is true. I have no doubts in my heart. When we labor in the vinyard all of our worries sort of...melt away and we don´t have to wonder what to say.
Stay Classy America.

(Tyler said he is finding joy in the work and was able to read from Pres. Monson's new book, Consider the Blessings, which I sent him in a package, and loved the stories. Such a wonderful missionary!)

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