Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Skype

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a wonderful evening talking with both boys on missions and us at home!  I could not have asked for a better mother's day gift than to have all of us in the "same room" for a little bit of time.  Tyler shared that is learning more than he could have imagined.  He loves working with the missionaries and that Mondays are truly his busiest day.  He has had some great experiences that have  helped him grow.  He wishes his area was "on fire" with baptisms but he and Elder Gil are working really hard to teach and follow up with referrals.  Tyler shared that he loves the people of Guatemala. He has eaten chicken feet and they were less than appetizing, a little chewy!  His favorite days of the week are Sunday and P-day.  He said his shirts are getting holes in them, his socks are perfect.  His shoes are holding up and he needs to find a dry cleaner for his suit :)

He lives in zone 9 but visits zone 8, 10, 12, 13 and 4.  Zone 10 is the retail portion of the city with the Mall.  Zone 12 you should always have a friend with you...

Tyler shared that his favorite experience in his mission so far was in Jutiapa with Elder Viera and learning that each comp is different and good for him.  He also said he's learned to trust Heavenly Father and has relied on know that Heavenly Father is at the head.

Other than that we just joked about lots of fun memories and what they miss about home and what they love about being away.  Jaymes and Tyler really loved chatting with one another in spanish and sharing similar experiences or expressions.  That was neat to watch.  Brayden even chimed in a few times with his spanish.  I asked lots of questions and just enjoyed the moments.  We took a few pictures but it seems like I never get enough or take the right ones but oh well.  

I'm proud of Tyler, he is strong, diligent, determined and yes focused.  He is close to the spirit.  I've seen that for many years but have noticed how he has learned to listen and act upon it.  He is learning just what he can become and what the Lord sees in him.  I'm a proud and happy Mama!

Mother's Day was just perfect.  Nothing like being together as a family no matter how far away we are from some.  Family is family and I sure love them all!

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