Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 41: Tut Tut, Looks like Rain‏

In spite of the entire cist-induced experience, last week turned out to be really good! know...comparatively….

The fact of the matter was that this next week turned out to be a doozy, in the offices and out on the streets of Guatemala City. I’m having so many experiences that I’ve started losing track of them all, they slip through my fingers like sand before I can even get to my journal at night and write them down.
So, I’ll see what I can remember for you guys…
Saturday was rather bland as far as P-Days go. After sending last week´s epic-ly long letter we went to Taco Bell and then to the store to buy milk…and then we took a nice afternoon nap and finished off the day teaching a lesson to Baltazar.
**A Word on Baltazar**
Investigator with baptismal date
He´s 18 years old and has as much faith as he does gumption
…but he’s progressing himself
Mainly because his Girlfriend is a member
On Sunday Baltazar came to church! He and his Girlfriend Stephanie sat by me for sacrament meeting and LOVED IT. He has been an Evangelical his whole life, but now he is very excited to be baptized (on the 17th), and he loved the Hymns…
In fact, he loved the hymns so much that he asked me to sing a solo of  “Hark All ye Nations” during the next lesson.
We finished off the last week with 23 lessons taught: A new personal best! We were truly being blessed for our labors!
That was great…because the next five days were killer.
It started on Monday in the Mission Offices….I think that I’ve already said it before but, Mondays are the hardest, most stressful days of the week…there´s just so much to do! But we were getting along pretty well by most standards. The greatest part was that I received a package from my family! Included were a Tie, a CD, a Journal and a How-to-Draw Disney book! I spent a good deal of time doodling this past week…

On Tuesday we went on Divisions with the Zone Leaders in Santa Caterina Pinula: An area that looks a lot like San Juan Sacetepequez. It was tucked behind the mountains with an incredible view of Zone 10 of the Capital. I went with Elder Largespalda, from Honduras, it was a generally good day albeit having all of our scheduled appointments fall through.
**An Observation**
There is a “Curse” that comes with Divisions
All of your appointments fall
I learned a lot though, and wore the new tie that my parents sent me…so that was fun.
Wednesday however, was not fun.
In fact…it was….
…just, not fun.
Elder Gil and I had forgotten our umbrellas and rain jackets in the White House and had left to go and work in Montufar. We started off looking for a reference that we had received by the Bus Terminal, an area that was unfamiliar to both of us. It soon became apparent that this was…not the very best part of town. Everyone started looking at us like, “Mormons with Money!” as we walked past…after fifteen minutes we decided to throw in the towel and start walking back.
And when we did…the rain came down.
So everybody ran home to take shelter. Just, not us. We kept working.
And one by one, everything that we had scheduled in our agenda dropped.
Every last appointment.
So we were stuck in the rain, with nowhere to go and nobody to talk to, in the dark and in the cold without umbrellas.
But we kept trying until 9 o´clock rolled around and we retreated home. As we did so, a ginormous semi truck passed us by, honking and spraying a wave of filthy rainwater over the both of us.

It´s one of the funny things about life: no matter how bad it is, it can always get worse.
It made me think: We didn´t do anything at all that day, we didn´t teach, we couldn´t tract, and nothing extraordinary happened…would it have made a difference if we hadn´t left the house at all? We would have been happier; dryer…was the effort we put forth that day worth it?
When in Personal Study I came across this scripture in Moroni,
 And now, my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor diligently; for if we should cease to labor, we should be brought under condemnation; for we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God.
I had a thing or two to learn about diligence.
This rest of the week dragged along like reluctant feet on carpet floors, days filled with driving (Turn here! Where, I don’t see an intersection! There! By the Legs! Sure enough, there was a billboard with two long and slender legs marking the way we needed to go…like an odd, scandalous Liahona) and a slew of things to do.
But that’s okay, because if there were no problems in life…things would be very boring.

This is a cartoon drawing Tyler did of Nephi obtaining the gold plates... Awesome!



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