Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 40: Hey, Soul Cyst-er

Yesterday officially started the ¨Rainy Season¨ here in Guatemala...they say that they have four seasons here (winter spring summer and fall) but that´s not really true. There´s two different ways the weather can be: wet or dry. And after 6 months of being dry....we got soaked.
I had forgotten how hard it rains until this last week.
And when it rains, it pours. (And I´m meaning this in a literal and metaphorical bear with me)
How was my week?
Where do I start?
Last Saturday, I didn´t exactly just ´get better´ after catching the cold that had been wafting in the office air. In fact, I actually got worse! At the end of the day Elder Gil and I ended up just staying in the house and eating Taco Bell, and then going to bed early because I felt so lousy.
Besides the tacos, my P-Day last week wasn´t so fun.
On Easter Sunday I woke up feeling significantly better and ready to go to church. It was a really good service, and also a very interesting program: everyone who gave talks in Sacrament Meeting spoke Spanish as a second language. A senior missionary couple spoke, an English Teacher spoke, among others (not me). My heart was really touched by the spirit as I thought about how powerful Language really is, words really do in a way, define culture. What we say is a reflection of who we are, our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Learning Spanish has opened so many doors for me! A plethora of people that I wouldn´t have been able to communicate with before have now touched my heart.
Words are powerful. Although the most powerful words that we have the power to use are our own proper testimonies.
Elder Richard G. Scott said in a General Conference address, ¨But a testimony is not emotion. It is the very essence of character woven from threads born of countless correct decisions.¨ What power we all have at our disposal! With simple words we can testify of the things that we know for certain!
Language is power.
Monday was a difficult day. I was so stressed out in the offices it wasn´t even funny! There were so many people at the offices, and so much to do!  The good part was that the Lord sent one of my very best friends in the Mission to lighten the mood, Elder De Carvalho from Brasil! He recently became a Zone Leader and stopped by to pick up some things for his zone. Being able to talk with a friend put things into perspective and re-adjusted my mood.
Tuesday was good and normal!
On Wednesday, the electric company cut the electricity of about a billion houses in the mission (like, three) because they weren´t paying their bills. So we had to go and pay to get it turned back on! 
The fun part was that I got to explore a lot of different banks here in Guatemala, all the fancy buildings and everything. But I had to learn the hard way that you´re not allowed to use your cell phone while you´re companion told me that that´s a worldwide thing...but that´s never happened to me in the states!
Who knows.
On Thursday I reached the 9-month mark of my mission! Woo Hoo! I was talking to Hermana Brown from my MTC group, she was freaking out because that means that she, and the other sister missionaries who entered with me, are now half way through!
And well...yesterday was Interesting.
I´ll explain. In my left wrist, I got this big bump, a ¨ganglion cyst¨ (look it up on Wikipedia) it comes from over usage of the hands, or something like had gone away for about 6 months, until I came to the offices...and then it came back. In two weeks it got really, really big, and started to hurt badly. So I talked to the mission nurse to see if we could set up an appointment to go and get it checked out.
And that´s what we did yesterday.
The only problem was that, the treatment for this thing is...painful.
They used a hypodermic needle and just stabbed it right in, then, instead of injecting fluids, the intent was to suck out the fluids that had caused this bump.
It hurt REALLY bad. Except the problem was that the fluids in my wrist were too thick and the doctor wasn´t able to take out anything.
So he stabbed it in again. I am so thankful for the mission nurse, Sister Trapnell (she´s from Springville UT), she said ¨It´s okay Elder Monson, I´ll be your mom for right now.¨ and she held my hand through the whole thing. But I can honestly say that I haven´t felt anything else that has ever hurt as bad as that darn needle yesterday.
And the problem was that it yielded no results. (you already know how bad I am around needles). By the time he put a band-aid on the wound my face was completely pale and my heart was racing. 
I was so close to passing out it wasn´t even funny. They elevated my feet and everything to get the color back in my face and told me to just lie down.
Good old Ganglion Cysts...causing me pain.
So...that was an adventure.
And then it rained.
And now I´m here!
So It was an interesting week to say the least....

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