Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 38: Country Mouse

First things first: Wasn´t conference just the greatest thing in the whole world? Every message that was given packed a punch and when President Monson gave his ¨Closing Conference¨ talk I was completely confounded, thinking ¨how on earth did conference just end? Since when did 10 hours watching general authorities talk go so fast?¨
My highlight was Elder Holland´s talk on standing up for our beliefs. It was incredibly profound for me in the mission as I was able to reflect on all the times that I had to defend the church and share my testimony with hostile people.
The church is true!
And how have things been in the offices? Nice and stressful as normal, the good thing is that I haven't screwed up TOO bad yet (granted, I´ve had my moments). My math skills aren´t exactly too sharp at this point (although my knowledge from Math and Personal Finance class is really helping...shout out to Mr. Jensen!). But the biggest adventure hasn´t been in a desk chair or out on the sidewalk...but on the road.
Look out world, Elder Monson is back behind the wheel...and its pretty scary. As the mission Nurse said, ¨Sure you´re going to be a good driver when you get home...but if you drive the same way you have to drive here, you´re going to be sent to jail!¨ It doesn´t help that my companion likes to mess with me as I ask him for directions.
¨Where do I go from here?¨
¨You have to turn right! Like...now!¨ as his hand points to the left.
¨Do I go right, or left then?!?!¨
¨Just follow that big red bus!¨
...said bus is on the other side of the busy road, and I´m forced to merge my way through the maze of cars!
It´s great fun.
I just feel like a page ripped out of the children’s book ¨Country Mouse and City Mouse¨ my whole mission I´ve been outside of the Capital city, in calm places, like San Juan and Jutiapa...and now I´m thrown into the hustle and bustle of busy city life....
But that´s okay...because I love it here!
Hoping everything is good,

-Elder Monson
office space... on the right, the rice krispie box was a give away

downtown Guatemala traffic

driving in big city traffic with Elder Gil

our District

District lunch

Prep-day adventure (not sure where)

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