Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 37: Office Space

Transfers meant a new Preparation Day-Saturday!

Needless to say, I was a little hacked about having to leave Jutiapa.
So as I sat in the change meeting in Montufar, I wondered exactly what would happen next...It was a rather jovial reunion, I was able to catch up with just about all of my mission friends. The missionaries who were finishing were invited to the pulpit to share their testimonies, and I watched as my old companion, Elder Beckstead present himself and say goodbye. Then President and Sister Stay addressed us with two heartfelt messages, we finished with a hymn, “I´ll Go Where you want me to Go” and a closing prayer.
Then it was off to the main event.
A Slide Show is prepared and the assistants just go down the list, from zone to zone. As a name is read, the corresponding face appears on the projector screen. When a missionary is called, they stand, greet their new companion and head out of the room.
That´s about how it works.
I was one of the very first changes made in the entire meeting, ¨In Montufar 2, we have Elder Gil, and he will be receiving, new Financial Secretary, Elder Monson.¨ Startled, I stood up, accompanied by whoops and hollers of all the present missionaries, ¨OOOOOOHHHHH¨
The truth is that, the Secretaries have the most cushy gig in the entire mission, a ginormous area, office hookups, living in the mission home (it´s called the White House), whatever you want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner (a lot of people get...fat)....the whole nine yards.
So I stood, gave Elder Vieira a big hug and walked to the other side of the chapel to where my new companion was standing. 
We wasted no time.
Immediately, I was put to work, giving out reimbursements to missionaries in need, without even knowing what I was doing!
And the rest of the week followed suit. We spend every day from 10/11ish until 4 in the mission offices, with Elder Trone and Elder Mendez, the other secretaries, the Mission Nurse and her husband and (sometimes) the Assistants and President Stay. We balance checks, go to the bank, all that stuff...
Then afterwards we go to work in the Mission Field, running around and teaching lessons like crazy! Our area is very much a City Scape...and 180 degrees different than San Juan or Jutiapa. It´s a whole new world....
And there´s so much to learn and do and...
Holy cannoli, my head is spinning.
But, the bright side is that I get to drive around the city now....and I did it once this week, (the best way I can describe it is Mario Kart...but real.

Sounds good, Ill keep you posted on how things are going in my crazy new life!
Traveling to transfer meeting

Elder Monson at the Mission Home- "White House"

Jutiapa District

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