Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 89: Because He Lives‏

Another General Conference has come and gone. And with it, the invitation to always re-evaluate, re-gain our perspective and to keep moving forward. For me, some prominent highlights were the focus on Family, Spiritual Perspectives, the Atonement and Religious Freedom. All are worthy topics for discussion and each held an important parable to all of us.
Conference dinner

I love conference, I am convinced that there is no more impactful, spiritual nourishment that we can receive than hearing the words of living Prophets and Apostles. It is such a gift to have that privilege as Latter-Day saints...something that I took for granted before the Mission, but now I feel as if I have heard the sound of the spiritual music that the gospel brings and carries into the hearts of men. I left the Stake Center on Sunday afternoon feeling refreshed and elevated and so grateful for the inspired messages.
It was especially good after a very long in Guatemala there are many traditions during the "Holy Week." Because it is the only full week off of work that people have here, the majority of Guatemalans go out of town to the beaches and to the historic city of Antigua with their families. Many people flock to see the Catholic "Processions," which are tall sculptured depictions of Christ's suffering and crucifixion that are carried through the streets on the shoulders of faithful members. Supposedly, those who carry the weight of these heavy floats receive forgiveness of their sins...for them it is all very symbolic. They walk over top of intricate "carpets" layed out in the street with images of the trinity carefully sifted onto the ground in colored sand. These parades go all day on Friday and there is a special "Resurrection" float that is sent out early Sunday morning. The custom is to only eat fish and honey-bread during this sacred week, along with other typical dishes.
With so much culture, there weren’t very many people who were there ready to listen to us....
But on the bright side, there was one. And one was all that we needed. His name was Cristobal (or Cristopher in English), and he has been well prepared to receive the Gospel (selfie with him included) We talked to him last week and now he is reading his book of Mormon and came to watch General Conference....he is so good...and is also preparing for Baptism on the 25th.

So many things are going on in my area...even though there wasn't very many people home we were still able to teach 20 lessons and contact 258 people using the new "Because he Lives" campaign.
The Lord is blessing us abundantly, and I am so happy to be a part of his work. I only wish to be called an instrument in his hands...and to do his will faithfully until the very end. This week I also finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish and it is a powerful witness to his divinity.

I love this church and I love this gospel, and above all, I love my Savior Jesus Christ.

Moldy shoes!

Elder Monson's favorite Conference Talks (of course he could have listed all of them)

Elder Holland: The Atonement saved the world from Free-Fall
Pres. Uchdorf: Grace
Pres. Eyring: The Law of the Fast
Elder Woodruf: The Music inside of our hearts
Pres. Monson: Magnifying Preisthood Duty
Linda K. Burton: Ye lift me and I lift thee and we'll ascend together
Elder Hales: Religious Freedom

Pres. Uchdorf: The Petempkun Village

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