Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 90: The Curse of Castillo Lara‏

Since June 24th 2014, a curse has been placed upon the area of Castillo Lara: That any missionary that arrives there shall only stay there for a grand total of 3 months, no more and no less. After that, each missionary is sent off to a different area. Elder Webb, Elder Lopez, Elder Maldonado, Elder Bento, Elder Pugmire, Elder Disla....
And now, Elder Hughes.
Yes, after two short changes my companion is on his way out.
It was something I was half-preparing for and half-dreading. It's been a fun, comfy, quick transfer and now that it's over....I can't even believe it's already gone.
We have seen so many changes and miracles during these past 6 weeks. I can confidently saying that it went by faster than any other part of my mission. I feel so full of gratitude for everything that has happened and the way that I have been able to learn and grow through the examples of other people.
This week I grew from the examples of the people I went of divisions with:
On Tuesday I stayed in my area with Elder Vijil, who taught me a lot about how to feel confident around people that you don't know very well. He told me that he treats everyone as if they were old friends or people that he had known for weeks already, from investigators, members to the random people we say hello to on the street. I learned how to be more patient and more of a leader through his example.
From Elder Solis on Wednesday, I learned how to keep a positive and upbeat attitude, in the face of disappointments and discouragements. His area is not the easiest (or the biggest) place to work, but he keeps a smile on his face, and is confident and direct in his teachings. We had a great day...and at the end we ordered pizza!
On Friday I stayed in Castillo Lara with Elder Ogden. He is a great missionary as well who thinks out everything very logically and is very organized with his area and also his district. He can make a plan and carry it out easily and confidently.
But last, but not least, I learned a lot from Elder Hughes: a fantastic example of leadership and charity. He has helped me to recognize the things that I can truly improve on and has given me the confidence and the motivation to do that's always fun...I have truly felt like I have a Brother here in the mission.
Finally we had a Zone Council all morning on Tuesday about Chapter 11 of Preach My Gospel, we learned a lot about how we can make and keep commitments and help investigators to do the same. We had a lot of fun doing so.
So....we'll see what happens now that my companion is leaving and my zone is changing....

For all I know....this could be my last change in Castillo Lara.

Sorry no pictures, left my camera at home.

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