Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 86: Meet the (future) Mormons‏

Another week brought with it, new stories and new adventures. Everything went smoothly and gently until the weekend where everything got turned on its head. Tuesday and Wednesday were relatively calm, everything went according to plan, Elder Hughes and I just worked our heads off until we were both completely exhausted. We visited Katty quite a few times, Elder Hughes and his last companion visited her a lot during the last change. She has been very well prepared, but as of late she started to feel afraid to be baptized. When I came to Castillo Lara, she had a baptismal date for the 14th...but now she was feeling second thoughts. On Monday, we visited her with the YM's and the YW's presidencies to see what we could do. After an hour-long lesson we came to the conclusion that she should just pray to decide what day to be baptized.
Tuesday and Wednesday passed by and we still had no answer.
On Thursday we went on divisions with the Assistants of the mission. So I packed up my toothbrush and headed over to Guajitos II (arguably the most blessed area of the whole mission) with Elder Pugmire. After stopping for foot-long subs at Subway, he told me that the goal for the day was to do 100 door contacts and to talk to talk to every family that we saw during the whole day. It was really hard to reach, but we wasted no time in starting to try to get to it. After a good 5 hours of knocking on doors, we had found 4 new investigators and had 3 lessons. We only got to 82 door contacts but we saw a lot of miracles during the day that it made up for everything. We found 2 families that both looked incredibly receptive!
So, all in all it was a success.

The next day we headed off to my stake center in Utatlan, driving in the truck that I used to drive during my time in the office (nostalgia to a T) for our Zone Conference. There, Elder Hughes told me that he and Elder Wilcock had an incredible lesson with Katty, who made the decision to be day. So we had a lot on our plate for the day and it was only 8 in the morning. The conference we had was awesome, we learned a lot about faith and how we could change the world one area at a time. It was great. At the end we watched the movie Meet the Mormons which was great. It was interesting to see how far the church has progressed and the way how people all around the world practice their faith.
Afterwards, I went on divisions AGAIN in my area with Elder Ogden, so that we could get the baptismal interview done.
And then...that night I got really...deathly ill.
Turns out that the food that they gave me in the zone conference gave me food poisioning...(I think??) and Saturday and Sunday were both spent in my bed, trying to heal from really bad stomach pains...and vomiting.
That's never fun.
This morning I felt better but....
On the bright side, Katty Martinez got baptized on Saturday! It was fantastic, after her baptism she participated in the ward missionary activity that we had on Sunday and then tomorrow she has plans to go to seminary....

Cool beans. is good, aside from food poisoning.
Have a great week!
-Elder Monson
P:S. we just got told that on Wednesday we will have a conference with Elder Neil L. Anderson of the quorum of the 12 in Montufar!!

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