Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 85: 200 or Bust!‏

Monday only seemed to consist of saying goodbye to all of the people of Panorama and trying not to get baggy because of it. I was able to pass by the houses of a couple members and tried my best to just make the whole ordeal as quick a possible....but everyone just wanted to give us food and wanted to sit and chat for a it went all the way until 9:30. Once we got back home I started packing...a project that lasted until a little bit past midnight, and after I felt floored, I retired to my bed and awaited the change meeting of the next day.

Even though our taxi came incredibly late, we were able to make it to the meeting just before the opening prayer. I sat down next to Elder Chunga and Elder Prestwich and awaited my fate. The meeting as a whole was very positive and uplifting, I enjoyed it a lot. President Caffaro talked about the improvements that we saw in the mission during the past change (which were many) We are closer than we have ever been since September to reaching our overall goal of 200 baptisms. It was a spiritual meeting and a great sendoff to a lot of great missionaries that have helped me a lot since the beginning of my mission, especially Elder Potter, who's testimony that he bore at the very end truly left an impact on my heart and the hearts of those present.
Then, just as always, one by one they named off the changes, area by area, zone by zone, familiar and unfamiliar faces all filed out to their new areas with their new companions.
And so, that was when they sent me to Castillo Lara in Zona Utatlan with my new companion Elder Hughes. I was so excited to hear the change that I jumped out of my seat, all ready and willing to go off to a new area and have a new adventure. There were only two changes in our whole zone, myself and that in Kaminal Juyu, Hermana Campbell (from my last district) went to be in a trio with two other Sister Missionaries (Hermana Pantoja and Hermana Mansell).
We then went to my new area. My new comp, Elder Hughes, is from Mesa Arizona, he has been in the mission for 21 months and is a really great missionary. I am learning a lot from his great example of faith and diligence.

From there the week just sort of went by with a blur, going on divisions with my new District Leader, Elder Refuerzo from Alaska. In the area of Centroamerica. And on Friday we had a big meeting with President Caffaro and the AP's, they talked a lot about the faith and the statistics to be able to achieve our overall goal of 2 baptisms in every area every month and 200 baptisms as a mission. It really helped me to put things in perspective and gave me the energy and the faith to be able to go and try to help the mission to achieve our overall goal!
My area is very different than any of my other areas, the people are very humble and very ready to listen to the gospel, there is just a very different feel about this area. In church yesterday I could sense the love that the members all felt for each other and for the people who are investigating the church.
We brought a family to church and the members were all over them! It was great. is good, and I am just ready to go out and give it all I got this week!

Have a great week!

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