Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 15: A Bug`s Life

¨Good night, sleep tight....¨ affectionately says the anti-protagonist Gru as he tucks in Agnis, a newly adopted orphan, ¨....don`t let the bedbugs bite. Because there are literally hundreds of them...oh, and there`s probably something in your closet.¨
Yes, the bedbugs really do bite....and then it itches like crazy.
This week I went to war. Both physically and spiritually. Since the beginning of this Cambio I`ve been getting eaten alive every night by tiny malicious pests...so I went and bought some SERIOUS, heavy duty sprays and doused my mattress with bug-killers, and lathered myself with bug-repellent as I climbed back under the covers.
I woke up thirty minutes before my alarm....and felt a good dozen of bugs crawling and chowing down on my flesh....Let`s just say that this Halloween I got myself a new fear.
After soaking my mattress and cleaning my sheets again I think I`ve finally finished off the little devils...or at least, I HOPE that I did.
I also HOPE my area can survive another three weeks until the next cambio, when my companion goes home....I know, I shouldn`t say that but...San Juan is in bad shape, and the Robot has thrown in the towel and wants nothing more than to coast to the finish line. We taught a grand total of 5 lessons this entire week...and two of them were in a graveyard.
 Why in a graveyard you ask? November 1st was Day of the Dead! Essentially, It`s like Memorial Day in the states, but people come and have picnics with the dead guys.
As a district we went to the graveyard and did some contacting, singing and consolidating. We explained the Plan of Salvation to a good majority of the people and sang hymns in front of this GIANT statue of Jesus.
 We did some good seed-planting for future missionaries to reap.
But for now not a lot of reaping is going on in my area. I`m trying as hard as I can to motivate my companion to endure to the end but....his dedication has definitely taken a nose dive....

This is San Juan... please pray for our area, we need all your prayers!

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