Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 6 and 7- Out of the Frying Pan...

Leaving the CCM was almost as hard as leaving the United States.

It didn't help that I had absolutely no idea what to expect after the moment I crossed out of the gates and into the mission field. I know enough Spanish and have a testimony of the restored what else matters?

It was a rainy Tuesday morning when I met my first companion, Elder Hernandez, got into a taxi and drove off into the great unknown. I gripped my scriptures with white knuckles as we weaved in and out of the city traffic, each mile we put behind us was one mile closer to where I needed to be. Only, I had no idea where I needed to be...

The name of my area? San Juan, Guatemala. It's outside of the Capital, as far away from the mission home as you can get (words like, "banishment" come to mind) The city is built at the top of a mountain where the air is thin and there's nothing but tin roofs and green hilltops as far as the eye can see. It's a city where the days are burning hot and the nights are a thick, humid kind of cold, every hour is filled with music, it's pouring from all of the shops and buses....and I mean this in a very literal sense, the other day an entire Maraichi band got on our bus and gave us a performance as we jetted down the road at break-neck speeds.

One thing is for sure: I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore.

My companion, Elder Hernandez has been out in the field for 9 months and doesn't know any English....whatsoever. He's a really nice guy and a hard worker, but as far as conversations go....they're about as limited as my skills are in the language. He's been waiting for a VERY long time to have his visa be cleared to go to Lima, Peru...but for the time being, he's in San Juan training Elder Monson on how to be a missionary.

Elder Monson and Elder Hernandez
Speaking of Visas, mine came in two weeks ago and my district at the CCM got to go and pick them up! that was fun.

The members here are great and people on the streets are always willing to talk to you for a few minutes as they make their way back to their houses, balancing big baskets of whatnot on their heads. Most of the time it's bread or dough for tortillas.
Which brings me to the FOOD! Haha, I though I'd have problems with my picky eater nature but...pretty much all the stuff I've eaten so far has been stuff I would eat anyways at home! ...namely Rice, Potatoes and Chicken.

Now that I've had a week out here in the field, the world doesn't feel so confining anymore and the culture isn't as much of a shock (because it was). We've taught quite a few lessons and contacted a TON of people! The work moves forward!

Stay Classy America!
-Elder Monson

"Culture Shock!!"

inside my first apartment

looking out my apartment window
scripture case I had made, my drawings

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