Monday, September 30, 2013

Weeek 10: Much to learn, You have, Young Skywalker

Before we begin, to me a favor and read the title of this week´s blog post in your best Yoda voice....go ahead, make my day.
That´s right, LEARNING is the name of the game this week, and by ¨game¨ I mean my life....The Lord has so much to teach us every day if we have an open mind (unfortunately, most people these days lack that trait).
So lessons did I get to learn this week....well, they just happen to be the lessons I´ve been taught my entire life:
1. Don´t Judge a Book by it´s Cover
It was Thursday afternoon, the sun was high over the colorful city of San Pedro as Elder Hernandez and I had gone out to do some contacting. A good way to get people to open up to you is by following Ammon´s example, offering service to them! We found an elderly woman who was balancing a big basket on her head and offered to help her out and she readily agreed. The moment I got that basket in my arms, I could tell why: it was the single most-heavy thing I have ever had the displeasure of taking into my hands. I found myself relating to the Titian Lord (insert name here) who was punished with the burden of carrying the sky on his shoulders. How on earth had she been carrying this basket on her head all this way? Questions flooded my mind as I staggered behind the woman. My companion and I were taking turns carrying the load all too frequently and when we reached her car we were both gasping for breath. We did a quick contact with her and she politely declined the opportunity to hear the good word of the gospel and sent us on our way...but not before she had given us of what we had carried...which was CORN...Corn on the cob, actually steaming, freshly cooked.
2. Trust No One
Especially not Big Businesses and Seriously skilled corn-carrying ladies. Why you ask? I got a nice bout of food poisoning TWICE this week (The Bano was my best friend for a while). 1st time was from a local fast-food joint a ¨Pollo Campero¨ a KFC-esque joint that, to me is like LDS churches in Utah, in the sense that, if you have can probably see one of them no matter where you are. The second time was from the Corn that I was all-too eager to accept as my award for lifting another one´s burden that it may be made light.
So this week was fun.
3. When it Rains, You Put On a Coat
I have, but one silk tie in all my wares. It was the prize of my CCM Tie-Trading Excursions....and it´s really classy. But every time I wear it, without fail, it rains cats and dogs.
Yesterday was no exception. I saw more rain than I ever have in my entire mortal existence...and I was wearing all the wrong clothes....meaning, my suit, silk tie and non-water-proof shoes.
Be prepared...because even if there´s no rain on the´re wearing your silk tie.
4. Be a Fisher of Men
Every day I feel like I´m relating more and more to Peter when Christ told him to ¨Come, and I will make you fishers of men.¨ Street contacting is so much like fishing it´s not even funny....every day it´s a testament to how great and how accurate scriptural metaphors really are. Your pond is the city, And there´s lots of bait to choose from, from Pamphlets to copies of the Book of Mormon. You cast your line and walk up to the family, sitting together on a bench enjoying their lunch of  ¨Pollo Campero¨ the spirit prompts you to USE THE PAMPHLET ON THE PLAN OF SALVATION. And before you know it you´ve got a bite, you set them up for an appointment for another day and write down their address to seal the deal.
Fish is on the menu...and everyone´s going to be spiritually fed.

That´s what I´ve got for you today! Love all you guys and for the wonderful people that send me letters and I don´t respond you´re fantastic and I love to hear from you!

(sorry no pictures or a cartoon! the computer was not working, AAAHHHH!!!)

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