Thursday, September 5, 2013

The first area is....?

No word from Tyler or where his first area is or who his companion is.  I'm sure he is either pulling his hair out with all the changes and challenges or he is just smiling and enjoying the ride.  I sure hope its the later of the two.  I did post on facebook this comment:

So I haven't heard where Elder Tyler Monson has been shipped off to and I sure would love to hear. But I have to think he is in the right place and doing just what he should. Oh but a quick email would help me feel so much better.

This was the reply from his amazing MTC/CCM teacher Hermana Alvarado:

ÄnDrëäa Älvärädöo Hi I saw him yesterday before they left, I'm not sure if they are going to be able to write you this week or until Monday, that is their P-day, he was really excited about going to the field. It depends their mission president if he gives permission to write this week but I'm pretty sure he is really happy, the activity that they told me yesterday were going to have was trackting and then assignment with their trainers something like that. I miss them and I'm so happy for him and the rest of the district they all were awesome and a light to my days every day 

She is such a sweet lady!  I can't wait to hear... I may be the one pulling my hair out :)  

Love you Tyler!

PS We don't know how works now that he is in the mission field.  I'll let you know what he prefers. :)
Tyler drew this for his CCM teacher.  Love it!

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