Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 64: Concrete Jungle‏

After so many things that have gone on...a normal, ordinary week is almost unheard of, getting back into the routine is an out-of-body-experience. It's a fresh start, a chance to get off on the right foot again...and then just keep moving forward.
Sure, things are completely different...but in a way...familiar.
It's sweet.
On Tuesday morning we kicked off the week with interviews with President Caffaro. I found it funny that even after I left the Offices I've still seen President a good number of times. Overall the interview was good, the only downside was the fact that it ate up all the time we had that whole day, the sun was already low in the sky by the time we returned to San Cristobal and had a couple of hours to be able to go and work.
Wednesday was the first, regular work day that I have had in all of my time in my new area, after General Conference, Emergency Changes, and a PDay I was very ready to just go out and try my hardest.
Concrete jungle

That was the idea, at least...until all of our appointments fell through. My companions and I roamed San Cristobal, a concrete jungle, looking for the slightest chance at a visit...almost entirely in vain. Luckily we were able to find Edgar at home and talk to him. It was the second time he had listened to the missionaries, and the previous Saturday he made it to General Conference. He didn't have very many questions but I was able to see a sincere desire to follow Jesus Christ as we taught. At the end of the lesson we committed him to baptism on November 9th. Even though he wasn't able to attend church on Sunday, I have faith that he's going to be able to make it to this date.
On Thursday we had divisions with our District Leader Elder Montecinos (From Tuxla Gutierrez, Mexico....). We did a lot of walking that day, working with Members to try to move this work forward.
What we've been doing to receive referrals has been interesting. We ask the members to close their eyes and keep a prayer in their hearts as we, the missionaries, sing a hymn. When the song finishes, we ask them how they felt and what revelation they were able to receive regarding the people they knew that are ready to receive the gospel.
It's been a miracle, this week alone, we received 17 referrals.
We did that a lot on Thursday and were able to see the results! And that night we ordered Pizza...and it was fun.
Pizza Night with Elder Gudiel and Elder Montecinos (from Tuxtla Mexico) and Elder Linford behind the camera
Friday, Saturday and Sunday all passed us by like a blur...and after a rather hard week, things picked up by the end. More people were home and receptive to our message! We had a good number of lessons! And we found new investigators! I even received an excellent referral from an Area Seventy!
Tell you about it later...
Our companionship is going good. Things are a lot more fun in a trio! There is so much potential that is in this spite of everything.
I am very happy.

Cool Man!

Elder Gudiel

-Elder Monson

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