Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 3: Stuff Mart and the Rammiamptum

CCM District- Can you find Elder Monson?

CCM District

I can honestly say that I´ve never seen a city quite like the one here in Guatemala.
The air is thick with pollution and humidity and the streets are dense with cars. There are no traffic lights and all of the stop signs say "alto" which I´m pretty sure means tall....so I have no Idea what´s going on. I got to experience the city firsthand this week as my district and all of the other Nortes trekked to the nearest Wal-Mart by tour bus...which wasn´t a bad deal at all. The city is exotic and immense at every corner is a splash of north-american commercialism in a rustic, tropical setting.
The Wal-Mart here is no different. It´s akin to the "stuff-mart" in the Madame Blueberry episode of Veggie Tales (If you get that reference, you are my hero). The building is massive and cluttered, everything is thrown together with no rhyme or reason (why are the frozen foods next to the deodorant? How does that make any sense? And why is there a Catfish the size of a toddler in the middle of the dairy section?? I need to have a word with the sales manager...) After we got all the things we needed from the store (for me it was survival snacks...mainly Rice Krispies and Vanilla Tootsie Rolls) we headed over to the mall to eat from the food court. I feel like the Cashier at the Wendy´s took pity on me because he started using his broken English to help me order my frosty.
And I wish I could say that my experience at Taco Bell was much better....I was highly disappointed due to the fact that they wouldn´t allow me to buy 13 crunchy tacos and had to settle for a Steak Quesadilla and two "X-Treme" burritos. (I may have to have a conversation with the sales manager there as well)
As far as life at the CCM goes....it goes.
It feels like the movie "Groundhog Day" in the sense that every day feels like the exact same day: I wake up, go to breakfast, eat half of it because I´m getting really sick of eggs. We study language for 4 hours, eat lunch, teach fake investigators until dinner and then I humiliate myself once more as the skinniest guy in the gym.
...yeah. That sounds about right.
Speaking of fake investigators, ours has gotten really snarky as of late. We´ve reached the point where we aren´t allowed any English in the lesson and rely on the Spirit to guide the lesson...
Which is great and everything but when your investigator starts asking questions that you don´t even know the answer to in ENGLISH...it´s a problem. But I´ve gotten really good at saying I don´t know the answer at the moment and will ponder about it for our next visit.
But at the end of the lesson was the kicker....we asked our investigator ¨Hermano Miguel Vallencia¨ to give the closing prayer. So he kneels down, puts both of his hands in the air like he´s on top of the Rammiamptum and starts his prayer with ¨Nuestro Barack Obama.¨
I, like unto Alma was Astonished Beyond all Measure¨ and broke my Spanish only to say ¨We taught you how to pray two days ago!¨
My district got a kick out of that.
And that´s all I´ve got for today!
Until next time!
,,,or ....
....yeah,,,,I really have no idea how to end a letter.
May the force be with you,
-Elder Monson

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